Yosemite Bum
Buena Park, CA

Address 6769 8th St, Buena Park, CA90620
Phone Number 714-522-5556
Email services@yosemitebum.com

Services & Pricing

Half Soles
Rand Repair
  • Trax Rubber

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 from Squamish, BC

I've had 6-8 resoles done with these guys. They do great good work and the shoes come out looking (but not smelling) new! Their turnaround is generally a few days.

If you're in southern California it's super convenient to drop off your shoes and browse their outlet store. They can have some killer deals on mix-and-match shoes.

The only drawback is they only offer evolv rubber. I think I like the Vibram that comes on my new Miuras better. On my next resole I think I'll try someone that can do 5.10 rubber.