Barry's Resoles
Auberry, CA

Address 41585 Auberry Rd, Auberry, CA93602
Phone Number 559-855-4511

Services & Pricing

Half Sole
Rand Repair
  • 5.10 Stealth C4
  • 5.10 Onyx (+$2/pair)
  • Vibram XS Edge

Patch/pull-tab repairs custom quoted. No longer resoles approach shoes or mountaineering boots

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 from San Francisco, CA

Barry is super friendly and extremely professional. He's a one man shop and doesn't like to rush things. It took two whole months to get my shoes resoled, but the quality is fantastic. He explained to me that rushing the job would make for fragile fixing, so I just waited and now I'm stoked I did. Thanks for such an amazing resole Barry!

 from Oakland, CA

I agree with the other people. Barry is the only person I send my shoes to after 16 years of climbing and resoling. I have never seen the consistent perfection from any other reseller. He is the best, for sure. Be prepared to wait quite some time to get your shoes back. He is not quick.

 from San Francisco

Barry is superb. Resoles here are top notch.

I've sent climbing shoes in to all the major places on the West Coast for resoles, but the personalized service, thoughtfulness and quality at Barry's resoles is unmatched. He really takes the time to give the shoes a comprehensive evaluation and goes the extra mile to make sure that little things like stitching, spot wear and delam are all taken care of. Even before they become problems.

I can only recommend one place for resoles on the West Coast: Barry's.

I never ever write reviews but I was so impressed with Barry's Resoles, I had to make an exception. When comes to custom work, you cannot find a better cobbler. Barry takes amazing care and pride in his workmanship, and it seemed to me that he really enjoyed doing my custom work. He is also incredibly kind. When he had questions about what I was requesting, he called and spoke to me at length to ensure I received exactly what I wanted. In short, you will never find a better, or more conscientious cobbler.